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Edging Accessories

Powder coated available in:

  • Green (GRN)*
  • Brown (BRN)
  • Black (BLK)
  • Uncoated (UNC)

Please designate color when ordering.

*This color exclusive to Pro-Steel

Pro-Steel Landscape Pre-Formed Corners

Item Number Description Stakes per
Approx. Weight
(LBS) per Ring
C90PS 1/16″ 90 Degree Corner  2  2
C90PS 1/8″ 90 Degree Corner 2 3.5

Pre Formed Corners are standard inside pockets. Available in outside pockets and without stake pockets. Pre Formed Corners without pockets require 2 J-Stakes. Specify if outside pockets or without pockets when ordering.

Pro-Steel Landscape End Pieces

Item Number Description Approx. Weight
(LBS) Ea.
PS END 1/16” 14 gauge end piece .5
PS END 1/8” 10 gauge end piece .7

Pro-Steel Edging Stakes

Item Number Description Approx. Weight
(LBS) Ea.
PS-STKS 12” Tapered Stake .4
U-STKS 10 ½” Formed Stake for Poly Board Edging (BRN Only) .4
J-STKS 12” Formed Stake for No Pocket Edging .75

Special length stakes available.

Pro-Steel Edge Former

Item Number Description Approx. Weight
(LBS) Ea.
EDGEF EA Edging Former/Bender 15