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About Pro-Steel

Pro-Steel landscape edging offers you the most economical, permanent solution to your decorative landscape needs or plans. Easy to install with clean lines to separate flower beds, walk and drive ways.

Pro-Steel Inc. steel edging and landscape products are the #1 choice by professional landscapers for a reason, Pro-Steel is the best at what we do!  Pro-Steel has been consistently producing quality products at great prices that are manufactured in a safe and environmentally friendly process for over 35 years.  From the time you call in to speak with a sales professional to the time your products are received, you will be treated like part of the family. Great customer service and support before and after the sale is our number one goal.

We keep a large inventory of PS14-10, PS10-10, PS10-16, PS3/16-16 in stock ready for immediate delivery in standard colors green, brown, black and uncoated.

Edging material meets American Society for Testing and Materials, specifications ASTM A 621.
1. ASTM A 621– Specification for Sheet and Strip, Carbon, Hot-Rolled, Drawing Quality.

Standard steel edging available: 14-gauge 1/16”, 10-gauge 1/8”, 7-gauge 3/16” and 3-gauge ¼”.
Edging is flexible enough to contour and bend in any direction without cracking or breaking with the exception of the 3-gauge ¼”, this item is used for straight line and subtle curve applications.
Pro-Steel edging stakes are heavy duty 10 gauge 1/8” material.

Paint Application

Powder coating is a proprietary formulation exclusive to Pro-Steel Inc. The system is an electrostatic application of custom composition of acid terminated, high molecular weight, corrosion inhibiting polyester powder coating resin cross linked with an exterior durable epoxy. Powder is applied minimum mil thickness of 1.5 up to 2 mil thick to ensure a long lasting finish.

Pro-Steel Landscape Edging is manufactured in Fort Worth, TX and distributed nationwide.